On a mission to ditch the grocery store and live old-fashioned with purpose through homesteading, food from scratch, and creating a handmade home.

Hi, I’m Staci, and this is my family (update: We have since had baby #8, but just haven’t done a family photo yet)! In June of 2017, our family decided to make a life-changing move. We packed up our 6 (then) children and relocated across the country from Washington to Wisconsin to live our homesteading dream. 

We knew no one. We bought land, put in utilities, gutted a moldy trailer, and moved to our tiny home, all within a 3-week time span of our first fall here. Winter was coming fast, and we had no other place to live, but God provided. 

Since then, we have had our 7th and 8th children, started a farm, and built our farmhouse from scratch. 

The next goal for us is to become more self-sufficient by growing and raising our own food and learning old-fashioned skills.

This blog and my YouTube channel are my ways to share all I’m learning, and encourage others on this journey. I love getting to know others in this amazingly supportive homesteading community, so please connect with me here.

Your Old-Fashioned Friend,


I never thought I would be someone who used social media. But in this crazy world, I have found this new form of being “social” to be truly a blessing. I am daily uplifted and inspired by other homesteading mamas that I follow on social, and it is my hope that I can pay it forward, by uplifting and inspiring you.

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Unfortunately, however, with the way the world is going, I cannot be confident that I will always be able to post my thoughts on these platforms. In fact, I’m confident that one day my conservative ways will be banned from such places. For this reason, make sure that you are on my email list so that we can continue to stay in touch, no matter how things go in the future. You will get fun things like our family’s weekly from-scratch meal plan as well!