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6 Steps to Ditching the Grocery Store

Making the switch from being completely dependent on the grocery store to growing, preserving, and cooking from scratch doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are my 6 steps to food self-sufficiency.

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I’m Staci

I am a wife, homeschooling mama of 8, homesteader, and entrepreneur.  In June of 2017, our family decided to make a life-changing move. We packed up our (then) 6 children and relocated across the country from Washington to Wisconsin to live our homesteading dream…

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Raising Kids on the Homestead

One of the biggest projects we have ever taken on was building our home from scratch.

And we did it with zero experience! Everything from floor plan design to hanging the sheetrock was done by our family, with the help of some wonderful friends. If building a home is in your future, here are some tips, ideas, and resource lists to get you started.