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This St. Patrick’s Day homeschool mini-unit will help you make the holiday an exciting day for your kids while keeping the focus on its Christian origin.

Since the time I was little, I can remember waking up on Saint Patrick’s Day to see if the leprechaun had got himself stuck in my trap. Although I was always disappointed that he wasn’t there, the thrill of the mess he had left behind and the golden chocolate coins in my trap was enough to make me squeal in excitement and try again next year. 

Despite my fondness for the unique holiday, I actually had zero ideas where it originated or even who St. Patrick was until I was in my 30s! I had clued in, of course, that St. Patrick was a Catholic saint, but being as I wasn’t Catholic, I never pursued learning more. 

St. Patrick’s Day has definitely become more than just a religious celebration worldwide. It is now seen as a day to celebrate Irish culture as well. However, when our family sat down for history class one day and learned the story of St. Patrick, I became determined to bring the focus of this day back to where it came from St. Patrick and his spreading of Christianity. 

I am not Catholic, and therefore do not recognize people as “patron saints.” I want to make it clear, however,  that whether or not this is a part of your personal beliefs, this St. Patrick’s Day curriculum should still meet your needs. It is a non-denominational Christian homeschool curriculum that focuses on the history of the holiday, alongside both educational and entertaining family activities.

This mini-unit includes a printable mini-book that tells the story of St. Patrick, as well as many activities for all ages.

Use this however you’d like in your home. Just please remember that this is a copyrighted curriculum. You may not share these files (but feel free to pass on the link to the blog page!) or reproduce the pages for commercial purposes.

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